Associazione Ruralbox | VERSO L’ETNA
Via Buccheri,it,Palment with puffs Etna,it,Palmento track,it,West side pole,it,Sea view from the poles,it,Palmento Etna,it,Etna seen from the poles,it,Il-Palazione-E-EtnaHub,it,the,it,We welcome you in the exclusive environment of an ancient Etneo Palmento del,it,recently restored,it,Cultural Center and seat of the Ruralbox Association,it,with multifunctional spaces equipped for flexible use,it,E,en,An interesting and pleasant place,it,It is located immersed in the countryside at the foot of the Etna volcano,it,has a large terrace and an extensive garden where to carry out outdoor activities,it,An ideal location for cultural events,it,tourist and training activities,it,In the Palment you will find the community of Ruralbox-EtnaHub always available to provide you with information to visit the area,it,To travel the tourist and rural itineraries,it, 23
Guardia – Acireale – 950124 CT

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