Capperi are the flower buds of the homonymous plant. The caper (Capparis spinosa L., 1753) is a small shrub or branched suffrutex to prostrate-falling posture widespread in the Mediterranean since time immemorial. The plant will consume the buds called capperi, and more rarely the fruit, known as cucunci. Sicily has spread in the coastal area near the rocks and the coastal gorges. Very famous for its quality and tradition are Capperi of the Aeolian Islands and Capperi of Pantelleria, where the caper is an integral part of the landscape. The harvest lasts from late May through August. Caper gather small flower buds. IThe capers are characterized by firmness, flavor and consistency. Also of note is the almost total absence of treatments with pesticides or chemical fertilizers, a guarantee of absolute wholesomeness of the product.

To be called Capers are the flower buds of the homonymous plant. After the harvest, they are prepared for storage to culinary use. In the kitchen capers they are used to flavor various dishes and generally have a great sauce for pasta. Used in Sicilian cuisine in different preparations, the capers are well married in a simple tomato sauce and basil, the classic caponata, with fish dishes. They are also used on the pizza.

Detached from the buds of the caper plant when they are not yet open, leaving 2 mm shank. Wash them well, drain and let dry on a clean towel. Then pour the bottom of a glass jar or crock a layer of salt and one of capers, alternating them so up to reach the top of the vessel. Close and store in a dry place for storage (the caper in salt is kept up to two to three years). After about a month they are ready for consumption. A unique trick: remember to rinse the capers that will extract from the jar before eating, to remove the excess salt.

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  Il pane casereccio siciliano è preparato con semola rimacinata di grano duro. Prima di procedere all’impasto la semola viene setacciata nel cosiddetto crivu (setaccio). Il tipo di lievitazione impiegata è quella con lievito naturale, il crescenti, lievito di casa.