Provola of the Nebrodi

Nebrodi Provolone is a cheese produced with raw cow’s milk. It has the classic shape of the cheese. Provolone Nebrodi has a smooth, shiny crust, straw-yellow color tending to amber. The white paste tending to straw is soft and firm texture. The flavor varies from sweet to slightly sour spicy depending on the degree of maturation. As well as a table cheese, is also used in the preparation of different local dishes.

It is produced by coagulating milk with rennet. The curd is then spun by pouring hot water over. Before spinning the dough is manipulated long by the dairyman with a technique similar to that used by bakers to knead the bread. Thanks to this long handling the cheese during consumption tends to peel in his mouth. The cheese is salted in saturated brine. It requires cured for at least ten days and up to a month for fresh, three or four months for the semi-addition for the aged.

The cheese rind smooth , shiny , pale amber color. The flavor varies from sweet to spicy , with the progression of aging. It is an excellent table cheese , but it is also used as an ingredient in some dishes .

Provolone Nebrodi is produced from March to June. It must be cured at least three months.

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